Express Yourself!

Question: How can you live the highest, truest expression of yourself every day?

Answer: In order to answer this question first we need to understand how we perceive the world. Since we are all born with a completely egocentric, self-oriented nature that operates a fully introverted, subjective viewpoint, the world we perceive is not the real reality, but it is a reality we ourselves create, project.

I do not see objects, living creatures, people around me, but I see how I observe, judge, compute them from my own egocentric, subjective point of view. Thus the world I see is a mirror, as all I see is my own qualities, attitude towards what is “outside of me” reflecting back to me.

So the world I see is my expression, I see myself in others.

From this follows that if I want to see my highest, truest expression, in other words if I want to see a perfect, magnificent world around me, I have to change my own qualities, I have to change how I relate to the world. And it is especially in relation to how I relate to other people, since only with other people do I have the proactive, practical, mutual opportunity to correct, fine-tune myself.

This is why we need to build small, purposeful, methodically organized and conducted groups, where committed people can help each other change, fine-tune themselves, so at the end they start perceiving a perfect, true world around themselves, meaning they arrive to see their highest, truest expression of themselves in the world.

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