True Love Makes One Swoon…

Question: What is one thing that makes you swoon every time?

Answer: I had to look up “swoon” as I was not familiar with the expression. If I understand, interpret it properly it is a state when one is “taken off guard”, when one is ‘swept away by positive emotions”.

In my experience it is “true love” that makes one “swoon”, as one has no shield, force of resistance against “true love”.

True love is a state where the “lover” empathizes with the “loved one” to such an extent, that the “lover” dissolves into the “loved one” directly, accurately sensing, appreciating the “loved one’s” desires, necessities. Then the “lover” uses one’s all abilities, desires only in order to fulfill the desires of the “loved one” as perfectly, seamlessly as possible.

This true love reaches the “loved one” as an unstoppable, irresistible “tsunami”, since before the “loved one” thought only he/she cared for one’s own well-being so perfectly, but now he/she finds that there is another that managed to “love the other as oneself”.

The “loved one” has no chance, one is washout out, catapulted from within self-care, self-protection, self-justification. One is ejected from the inherently egocentric, subjective cocoon, finding oneself in a completely new, perfect, selfless, infinite and eternal dimension.

This makes one swoon every time…

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