Rough, “Mother’s” Love

Question: What seems like anger but is actually love?

Answer: The “mother’s love” is the best example of this, the worrying mother trying to protect her child with any means possible.

True love goes beyond niceties, true love does not leave “gloves”, shields on. In true love there is no shyness, etiquette, protocol. The true lover dissolves into the loved one, sensing the needs, desires of the loved one and fulfills them with any means possible the most perfect, appropriate way. In true love there is always fear, even hate towards the same person we love.

These days we confuse true love with “being cheerleaders” for each other, while watching motionless how the other is sleepwalking into disasters, as we do not want to “interfere” or “hurt one’s feelings” (more precisely we do not want to hurt our egoistic selves)…

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