Perceiving Reality In Contrasts

Question: Would you rather never feel sad again? Or win 20 million dollars?

Answer: In order to understand the answer we need to know how we perceive reality. We perceive reality, research, attain anything through contrasts. Whatever we reveal we reveal it against its opposite.

If we did not perceive darkness we would not know what light is, without bitter we could not discern, taste sweet. Without unfounded hatred we could never feel true love and without being sad, we would have no appreciation for happiness.

Thus by never feeling sad again we would lose our ability to be happy. It does not work in a way that because we once felt sad, thus now we can always be happy. The contrasts, sharp opposites have to stay, remain all the time. Only by comparative research – seeing, tasting the two opposites at the same time – can we acquire a true, objective perception, attainment.

We are not used, trained for this, our inherently egoistic, selfish nature wants only the “good things” (that are pleasant for our ego), but by trying to delete, suppress the “bad/negative” things we delete the good and pleasant as well. We imagine “heaven” as a blissful place with angels and birds flying, heavenly music playing, where everybody lives in absolute harmony and peace…

The “true heaven” can only be appreciated on a fragile bridge, narrow path in between “hell and heaven”, when I sense, tangibly feel both at the same time.

Thus I don’t want to erase sadness, unpleasant sensations as then I could never really appreciate when I win the 20 million dollars…

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