Learning Our Destiny

Question: Do you believe in destiny, that your life can be decided to you before you are even born?

Answer: Yes, I believe that we exist in a Natural system that is fully deterministic, prearranged by Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan.

Still we have a unique free choice. We can’t decide where we come from, we can’t decide what our final, most optimal state is, we can’t even change the intermediate developmental steps we have to go through.

But we can change whether we go through this process blindly, instinctively, against our will – pushed by Nature’s evolutionary steamroller recurring crisis situations, intolerable suffering; or we proactively, consciously learn the plan, identify its determined role, purpose for us, and then we start a gradual self-change adaptation willingly.

This seemingly “tiny” free choice makes a huge difference. Instead of being hapless puppets, driftwood thrown this way and that way by evolution’s stormy river we can become fully aware, equal partners in the process, like a “Prince” learning how to become “King” through unique education!

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