Awakening The Dawn

Question: Do you wait until circumstances are “perfect” and “just right” before acting on your goals and ideas, or do you make it happen, regardless whether things are ideal or not?

Answer: Wise sages wrote about this, saying: “Awaken the dawn, instead of waiting for the dawn to awaken you!”

We exist in a fully predetermined, cosmic Natural system with an intelligent evolutionary plan driving the system -including us – towards a final, perfect end state.

We have no freedom of choice about this end state, nor do we have freedom of choice about the transitional states, steps we have to go through.

But we can continue developing blindly, instinctively, waiting for intolerable suffering, crisis situations to push us forward,

Or we can study the system, learn its evolutionary plan and our unique individual and collective Human role in it.

With such an intimate knowledge of the system we can move towards our next inevitable evolutionary state consciously, proactively, awakening, drawing those states towards ourselves, making suffering, crisis situations unnecessary.

This unfolds in a unique, purposeful environment, where mutually committed people can “awaken the dawn” together.

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