True Peace

Question: If peace is the cease of strife and the desirable state of humankind, who delights the least in this most wondrous state, and who desires it most?

Answer: It is true that “peace” is the most wondrous, desirable state for Humanity, without which we won’t be able to survive.

The problem is that due to our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature “living in peace” with others – requiring complete, mutual self-annulment towards others – is against our nature.

Thus the true definition of “peace” is mutual connection, cease of strife in between completely opposite, mutually distrusting, mutually hateful parties.

In order to build “true peace”, above and despite our instinctive nature, attitude, we need a crucially important, purposeful, practical educational method, that makes such a “supernatural” self-change possible through positive motivation, free choice.

Humanity is at crossroads today when without urgently introducing this education we won’t be able to survive our own, hateful, cancer-like nature.

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