The Most Rewarding Job

Question: Is happiness a job?

Answer: We can say so.

True happiness is a reward, it is a consequence of “good deeds”.

These good deeds are about building positive, mutually supportive, mutually complementing Human connections, since true happiness arises from such connections.

But these connections have to be very unique, when one doesn’t want any selfish, subjective payment, reward or even reassurance from the work, since only a totally selfless, unconditionally loving, serving attitude leads to true happiness from those connections.

Thus the actual, true reward is when one can perform such selfless, altruistic actions.

So happiness is the actual ability to work like this, that one acquired the ability to work selflessly, unconditionally loving, serving others since one knows that such work leads to true happiness with 100% certainty.

Thus happiness is the job itself, the “professional ability” to create, cause happiness.

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