Regretting The Ego

Question: What are things that makes you feel so much regret towards someone until you want to do anything in order to get their forgiveness?

Answer: Only a true, complete regret can make us do anything for another person to gain forgiveness.

In order to reach such a desperately, self-annulled state – since until the ego is still operational it justifies, protects itself at any circumstances – one has to come to hate one’s original, egoistic, hateful, subjective nature so much, that one is ready to do anything to escape one’s original nature.

Paradoxically in order to reach this shocking “self-hate” the person has to perform “good deeds” endlessly, with 100% effort in a unique environment.

In that environment the members have to do everything in their power in order to build unity that is built on unconditionally loving, serving relationship and they have to make their life’s only, all-important purpose to reach those relationships.

Only then can they recognize the true power, overwhelming governance of their ego, which prevents them from reaching their goal. Then in their desperate helplessness, complete failure they come to hate their ego with all their might.

Then they become ready to detach from their ego and do anything possible to escape it.

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