Finding Our True Identity, Purpose

Question: What support and guidance can you give to a loved one having a crisis of identity and purpose?

Answer: To anybody who has a crisis of identity, purpose I would say, that it is impossible to find our identity, purpose alone.

We exist in a fully integrated, interdependent world – which we have just started to feel, understand. Contrary to our inherently proud, individualistic beliefs we are but individual cells, cogwheels in a magnificent, cosmic, Natural system.

Our modern crisis of identity, purpose comes from the fact, that we subconsciously started to understand that alone, individually we have no purpose, identity alone, but at the same time our inherently egoistic nature doesn’t want to accept the truth yet.

Thus we need a unique, “global, integral” in other words “truly Human” education, in order to explain to us in a very practical scientific way what it means to be “individual, purposeful Human beings” in Nature’s fully integrated, cosmic system.

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