Insatiable Desire

Question: Why do you think human beings keep wanting more and more and never get enough?

Answer: Because our true “matter”, our engine in life is a desire, the insatiable desire for self-fulfillment.

It is this irrepressible, uniquely Human egoistic force that keeps us going, developing, growing, this is why Human beings have changed so dramatically through a few thousands of years, while animals remained practically unchanged for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.

Our egocentric desire for pleasures grows exponentially, this is why what satisfies us one day is already not enough next day but we need twice as much, twice as spicy, twice as strong, etc.

As usual we can watch these Human traits in children better, as they still unashamedly demand, ask for a new present immediately after opening up the box of a present received. Adults are already more cunning.

We can’t change our nature, we can’t suppress or erase our egoistic desire. But we can learn to re-route its pulling force, we can learn how to interconnect our desires so we can build a Human network, where people ask for and draw pleasures mutually for one another, this way building a true “perpetum mobile” an engine that can draw, deliver pleasures endlessly, where each and every member of that society feels infinite fulfillment without satiation, without any sense of lack!

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