Free To Be Happy

Question: Which is more important for living a happy life, money or freedom?

Answer: I think most of us would agree that money itself can’t guarantee happiness, we could even say that the more the money, the less the happiness.

I am not talking about money that is necessary for securing our basic, modern, natural necessities. As they say, “without flour there is no Torah”. But beyond fulfilling our necessities money cannot buy happiness.

The notion of “freedom” is a bit trickier as we have to be careful how we define freedom and how we define happiness that is the result of freedom.

We also know by now – observing our very unhappy, depressed, suicidal modern generation – that individual freedom, being isolated from others, pursuing our own goals, desires, chasing egocentric, narcissistic self-fulfillment does not lead to happiness.

True happiness is a positive, collective emotional impression that comes from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human relationships, where each individual nullifies oneself towards all the others in special, small, closed environments. The freedom we need to reach for this “true happiness” is the freedom from the egoistic self.

There is no greater freedom then completely forgetting about ourselves, forgetting about self-protection, self-concern by dissolving into others, only caring for fulfilling their needs, desires. This kind of freedom guarantees happiness!

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