A True Success Story

Question: Are you a success story? If so, how did you do it? If not, what got in your way?

Answer: After multiple failures, and especially after starting studying a unique scientific method that explains the laws, principles governing closed, fully integrated Natural systems – we also happen to exist in – I have realized the “I” cannot be a success story, only “we” can become a success story.

After centuries of proud individual heroism, pioneering, leadership we have screeched to a halt and are sinking into a deepening and unsolvable global crisis that affects all levels of Human activity.

Nature’s evolutionary system is showing us “who is boss”, pointing to the fact that in a globally integrated, interdependent system only teamwork, positive and sustainable mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation can lead to success, problem solving and survival. Survival of the fittest in fact means survival of the ones who are able to integrate with each other and within the system.

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