Natural Treatment For The Ego

Question: How do you overcome flaws revealed in your attributes during defining moments?

Answer: First of all when these flaws are revealed its already a very good state. It is like finally diagnosing a serious disease that had been eating you inside.

Thus it is even better to enter a discussion “laboratory” which is designed to bring all our flaws onto the surface, instead of waiting for random defining, drastic situations to do the same.

Then in the same “laboratory” we can immediately start the required “treatment”, performing corrections, upgrades.

So what flaws can we reveal about ourselves?

The specific details, attributes are irrelevant. All our flaws originate from our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature, from the inherent intention that we make each and every calculation only for our own sake.

The “laboratory” is a unique, purposeful Human environment where the ego is provoked until it has to show itself by trying to build selfless, altruistic connections.

And then the remedy is about teaching us how altruistic unity, prefect mutual interconnection are possible above, despite the ego, by methodically harnessing Nature’s life-giving evolutionary force.

This Natural force – as in every part of the Universe – is also present in is, but the ruthless ego keeps it dormant, subdued, until we methodically activate it in the above mentioned “laboratory”…

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