Infinite Contrast

Question: Is infinite happiness just as bad as infinite sadness?

Answer: You are right! We can’t stand only on one leg, then we don’t have any free choice.

Moreover without contrast, comparison we can’t even judge if we are truly in infinite sadness our infinite happiness.

Thus we need both, we need to grab two reins, without sadness and happiness sensed together, without hate and love felt together none of them is tangible, real.

Of course by default we are incapable of such “dual perception” as we only sense ourselves in a 100% subjective, introverted manner.

Thus we need a unique, closed, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment where we can sense ourselves, and also a unique, mutual “sensory vessel”, collective emotional network at the same time.

Reaching this incredible “dual perception” -which is the only actual, real, Human perception – is our next evolutionary degree.

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