No Regrets, Just Lessons Learned…

Question: Have you ever made a mistake that you still regret until now?

Answer: Yes. The greatest mistake I keep repeating is regretting the past, thinking that I had free choice over my actions, decisions.

But in truth we had no choice in them, as everything unfolded perfectly, purposefully in order to bring us to our present moment where we can use our true free choice.

And even now this free choice is not about what I will think, decide or do in the future. My thoughts, decision, actions are fully predetermined, programmed and will be activated by instinctive, hormonal processes whether I consent to them or not.

My free choice is about whether I remain a blind, unconscious victim of the developmental plan that governs, directs our life, or I choose to study this plan and thus I understand its cause and effect processes and my own unique role in it.

If I consciously study and attain the plan then I can proactively prepare myself for the forthcoming states, processes that will inevitably unfold. I can become the partner of the system and its plan, embracing, accepting, justifying each state even before it unfolds.

As a result I will develop a true, tangible sense that I am in control and I feel as if I designed that plan. This is how the puppet can turn the table and become the puppet master!

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