Power Corrupts, Until We Change Ourselves

Question: How does being in charge change people?

Answer: Apart from our daily experiences from our own bosses, from politicians around the world, there is the very sharp, “shocking” example we gained from the famous Stanford Prison Experiment.

We learn that as a result of our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful nature it is not enough that we constantly search for and receive pleasures from fulfilling our own selfish desires, but we Humans get actual, even greater pleasures when we cause harm, torture to others.

The longer we are in control, the higher we are on the ladder, the more tempting it becomes to rule over and exploit others just for the sake of enjoying our total control over them, seeing them suffer.

And as the Stanford experiment proved this is not the trait of a few “wicked”, “twisted” people, but this trait is in all of us. Given the “right circumstances, conditions” we can and would all become concentration camp guards!

On the other hand – as shocking as this sounds – this is not a sin, we are not evil. After all we did not have free choice about the nature, qualities we were born with.

Our responsibility, “reward/punishment” starts from the moment that we reveal, understand that our inherent qualities are harmful, and we have a realistic opportunity to change, upgrade those qualities in us.

This moment in Human history, when we have become 100% responsible for our innate qualities and their connection has arrived in our generation. We have revealed our own instinctively selfish, egoistic nature behind every problems Humanity faces, and we also have the authentic, purposeful and practical educational method for self-upgrade!

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