The “Soul” As A Gateway

Question: As an atheist, do you believe you have a soul? If so, what does that mean to you exactly?

Answer: I don’t like the usual definitions of “religious/atheist”, but I am definitely not “religious” as this definition is used today – as I want to research Nature’s single governing force instead of believing in it -, so if we have to use the common definitions let us say I am an atheist.

Still I believe there is a soul we all belong to, a common soul that encompasses not only Humanity but the whole Natural system we exist in.

This soul is a “gateway”, a unique “modem” that can facilitate us sensing, attaining Nature’s system “from within”, feeling Nature’s single, all encompassing life-giving force flowing through.

In order to connect to this soul we have to build mutual, selfless, unconditionally loving, serving interconnections, as it is these connections that become the “collective sensory organ” which feels that flow.

If we can establish this unprecedented connection to the soul we acquire a new consciousness, perception, which – being liberated from the subjective limitations of time, space, physical motion – provides the sense of an eternal, infinite existence.

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