The Power Of True Love

Question: Is the power of love or the love of power stronger?

Answer: Considering the Maslow hierarchy of desires, or how the science of Kabbalah interprets them, the power of love is a much higher power then the love of power.

The love of power, desire for power, dominion over others is one of our inherent social desires, that drives us on the plane of this inherently egocentric, subjective plane of existence.

The power of love relates to a qualitatively much higher evolutionary level, closer to our most optimal, “truly Human” state.

Of course the love we talk about here has nothing to do with the notion of love as we consider it on our inherent level. “True love” is a completely selfless, altruistic state, when one unconditionally disappears, dissolves into the desires of the other, only existing in order to fulfill them without any egotistic calculations, distortions, exactly how a mother’s womb supplies the baby.

This true love – which we need to purposefully learn and methodically implement above our inherent nature – gives us similarity with Nature’s single, life giving, governing, evolutionary force, elevating us to the highest possible evolutionary level as “Crowns of Creation”.

Thus the power of “true love” is the most powerful force in Nature!

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