The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel

Question: How do I build self esteem as an adult? Answer: Since we are the product of our environment, since – despite being born with inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature – we still need the approval, respect from our environment, we can build a healthy self-esteem by entering the right, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing … More The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel

Through Paradox

Question: What is considered the hardest paradox to explain? Answer: I give you two: We are all born with a 100% egoistic, selfish, hateful and greedy ego that cannot be suppressed or deleted…BUT…we exist in a globally integrated and fully interdependent system that is based on selfless, altruistic interconnections, cooperation in order to maintain balance, … More Through Paradox

No Shortcuts

Question: When is it impossible for someone to create shortcuts in life? Answer: IT IS impossible to create shortcuts in life. As long as we believe in our proud individuality, personal freedom of choice, believing that our illusory Human bubble is real, we try cheating, try finding shortcuts. Today through the deepening and unsolvable global … More No Shortcuts