The All Important Intention

Question: As between actions and intentions, which do you believe to be more important?

Answer: It is usually what is more difficult, what requires extra effort, which requires going above instinctive “autopilot” mode is what’s more important. We are usually content in acting without much scrutiny. Most of our lives we simply, blindly react and go with the flow and we are unaware of our intentions.

But as even quantum physics finds, at the true, “inner fabric” level of of reality there are no “material actions”, only waves, forces. And regarding ourselves those waves, forces are our thoughts intentions.

Thus whether we are aware of it or not it is truly our intentions, thoughts that govern, influence reality while our actions are “almost” meaningless.

Still, by using actions purposefully, according to a practical method, we can use the actions to “skim off” the intentions above them, we can use directed actions as “filling” that purposeful intentions can clothe onto, until we gradually get used to exist through intention in the “real world”, above the actions which actions will loyally follow our all important intentions.

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