Zero Gravity


The Four Fundamental Forces Of Reality

We are existing in a cosmic, universal force-field. Modern sciences differentiate in between four different fundamental forces interacting within this field. Contemporary scientists are desperately searching for the formula that could unify these forces, so we could establish a standard, unified model for our known Universe.

The single origin makes sense since as far as we know our cosmic reality originates from a single event, from a single seed/spark that exploded and has been expanding, evolving since. There are theories describing how at the initial stages at extremely high temperatures in fact only one fundamental force existed, which through the temperature cooling gradually split into the four forces we are detecting today.

At the moment we have quantum physics formula describing 3 out of the 4 forces detected in reality, but we can’t reconcile gravity with quantum physics yet. Additionally although quantum physics seems to perfectly describe reality on particle level, on our macro, tangible, material level we seem to function based on the more simplistic, linear, vector based Newtonian physics.


Existing In A Personally Filtered World

In order to objectively understand and describe any phenomenon the observer needs to possess two seemingly contradictory, paradoxical qualities. On one hand one needs to be able to examine that phenomenon independently, detached, “from the outside”. On the other hand the observer needs to reach similarity with the observed entity, as without reaching such similarity of form, similarity of qualities with the observed, researching it “from the inside”, the researcher has no chance of examining, “tasting”, comprehending the phenomenon from within.

Perhaps this is why we can’t reconcile gravity with quantum physics. With our selfish, egoistic human nature we exist embedded within gravity’s pulling force, as such selfish, pulling force is our essence. Thus regarding the force of gravity we possess the similarity, but we do not possess the objective, “outside observer” viewpoint. We simply can’t view and assess ourselves, our behavior independently.

On the other hand we don’t posses any similarity with quantum reality as our subjective, introverted, singular observer can’t enter, examine and comprehend such a system with limitless possibilities, above the coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

We try to observe this quantum system, “peeking into it” through our clever devices, but at the end of the day with our limited, subjective mind we can’t get closer to attaining its laws, workings beyond philosophies, theoretical models.

Our basic building matter is a desire, the desire to receive pleasures for ourselves. Our driving, operating software is modelled on the egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. All through our lives we draw towards ourselves ever greater pleasures while trying to stay away from pain, unpleasant sensations.

We filter the “outside reality” in a completely subjective, self-serving manner. Our introverted observer “freezes” the surrounding unlimited, infinite quantum reality into the presently experienced flat, vector based world, in the coordinate system of time, space and motion. This coordinate system is anchored, centered around our introverted, subjective observer.

Each of us acts as a personal “black hole” with its own gravitational field, drawing everything possible towards itself for personal consumption. As a result we all have our own filtered, “flattened” version of reality, “our own world” centred around our selves.

If we wanted to research reality, the force field we exist in objectively without subjective distortion, if we want to attempt to achieve the real “unified theory of everything” we would need to neutralise our own gravitational field, exit our own black holes, in order to establish an expert, “outside observer” viewpoint. This observer point has to become completely pure, transparent in order to enter the quantum system for insider research.


Discarding Matter

Such purification, rising above the self is very difficult even to imagine while we consider ourselves existing in a solid, material world with our seemingly solid, physical bodies. It would be easier if we presumed that we existed in a matter-less reality governed, formed by different forces acting in it.

How could we discard our present reason dictating that we exist in solid bodies, surrounded by a seemingly solid, tangible world?

Actually we don’t need to take a huge leap of faith for that. Even our contemporary sciences show that we are hardly “solid and physical”. We have basically no solid matter in our bodies. First of all our biological body consists of up to 70% of water. Additionally if we removed all the water and empty atomic space from our cells, our whole body could be compressed into a cube with sides measuring 1/500th cm.

Moreover quantum physics states that the particles, the “foundation blocks” of our matter can actually behave as waves of energy instead of being solid particles.

Thus we are not inventing anything new when we examine our reality as interactions of different forces regardless a of physical matter. We could even presume that the physical reality we seemingly perceive, only exists as our subjective observer – pulling everything towards itself -freezes those limitless, immaterial forces, creating a simplified 3D model, helping us to comprehend existence with our inherently limited abilities.

When we are reducing our reality into different acting forces we find that overall there are two, opposite forces acting through all actions, states. One is our own very obvious selfish, gravitational force that pulls, distorts everything in our own favor; and the other is the selfless, altruistic, giving and caring, natural force that creates and sustains life, driving evolution towards increasing perfection.

Thus in order to observe reality objectively, in order to start researching quantum reality from within we need to propel ourselves away from our inherent gravitational fields into “zero gravity”.


Building A Love Rocket

How could we lift ourselves into “zero gravity”, above our highly personal, self-centred, subjective perception? How can we generate the necessary “explosive heat”, that can reverse the process that has been happening since the Big Bang, unifying all forces together into their source?

We need a “supernatural” heat, explosive power that can tear us away from our selfish gravitational field first of all, “decoupling” the strong, inherent bond in between our conscious observer and the inherent, egoistic, attractive, gravitational matter.

The only “explosive force” that can lift one out of “normal”, inherent, self-serving reasonand behavior is love.

When we are in love, when we are yearning desperately towards somebody or something, that someone or something becomes the sole focus, most important thing for us in our lives. Our usual calculations, our usually solid, reasonable framework, coordinate system evaporates, and we start acting in a completely “unreasonable” manner.

But here we are not talking about the usual “love” we encounter in our present lives. This “usual love” is still fully connected and governed by our self-centered gravitational field. We “love” what is beneficial for ourselves. The moment our reward, self-benefit disappears the “love” disappears with it.

True love is a state when one enters and dissolves into the desires, needs of others, only focusing on, calculating for those other desires, fulfilling them without any self-benefit, reward.

Here we can already sense a seemingly unsolvable contradiction. Such a true, unconditionally selfless love can’t be possible before one is liberated from the selfish, gravitational field. But as we said before one can only be liberated from that egoistic gravity by “supernatural” and “unreasonable”, selfless love. Thus we find ourselves in a “chicken or egg” conundrum.


Mission Impossible

The resolution is “simple”. We can never create, generate such “supernatural”, selfless and altruistic love by ourselves. Such true love simply doesn’t exist within our inherently selfish, egoistic matter. There is nothing selfless or altruistic in a “black hole”, it can do only one action: attracting everything towards itself.

We need to receive such true love from outside of ourselves. What we can do is generating such insatiable, irrepressible desire, yearning, need for it, that this brand new desire can attract that true love towards ourselves from the natural system surrounding us which system is permeated by that force.

We could ask of course what the difference is if we are still attracting something towards ourselves, changing one kind of pleasure to another?

First of all this new desire towards the altruistic, selfless love is not our own, we receive this desire also from the outside. And when we start using this new desire it is not for ourselves. We ask for that new capability in order to pass it into others.

At the end neither the new desire, nor the received fulfilment for the new desire is ours. Still we have to use the only matter we have, which is our own, inherent gravitational field. Which means using this inherent, selfish, egoistic matter in order to escape it, like asking the help of a vicious, ruthless dictator, slave master to help us escape its domain…obviously mission impossible!

Still with the right method, within the right environment all this becomes possible. This “mission impossible” needs to unfold in a uniquely, purposefully setup “human laboratory”. 

There people can use, exploit their inherent nature with all of its negative characteristics for “good use”. They can use the natural envy, jealousy, shame, desire for respect in order to incite, inspire, pull and push each other towards the mutually agreed upon goal. This mutual goal is reaching freedom from their inherent nature and acquiring selfless, altruistic mutual service instead. 

And although they can’t actually reach that goal by themselves, with their devoted mutual work they can build an unprecedented, already “supernatural” yearning for that selfless, altruistic state. 

This new, artificially generated desire, yearning for serving others becomes like a “wormhole” within their selfish, egoistic gravitational force-field. And since this new “wormhole” in its altruistic and selfless quality matches the qualities of the surrounding natural system and its all-encompassing creating force, as with their mutual desire they match the direction, plan of evolution they receive the necessary help.

The overwhelming, altruistic and selfless love and care for others pours through that mutual “wormhole” washing them out of their selfish gravitational fields.

They receive that “superhuman” ability of completely selfless, altruistic and unconditionally serving love towards others, that provides them with the expert, objective observer status.


The Path Back To Big Bang

As these “selfless astronauts”, propelled out of their individual black holes learn how to stabilise themselves above their original selfish gravity, they can gradually learn how to actually use that inherent gravitational field. They can use it as counter balance, weight, contrast to measure against, so they don’t simply “fly away” or disappear in that unified force field, “space” without a counter force.

Their inherent selfish attraction, the tension between that selfish attraction and the opposite “loving”pulling force starts working as a resistor, providing the prefect tool of observation. Their new observer is the one stretched out in between the black hole and the quantum reality, observing both at the same time, “their head in quantum reality” while their legs still tied to gravity.

The correctly used gravity, cautiously under control, under restriction is increased, balanced by the intensifying loving force. The intensifying tension in between the selfish receptive and altruistic bestowing force generates “growing heat”.

At the end we can reach such enormous temperature that even the force of gravity merges back into the primordial, unified force field. Then we would have traced our way back to the point of Big Bang, to the single origin of everything. On the way, as a “side effect” we could reveal, understand and describe all cause and effect processes, force interactions, all the intricate details of the vast, cosmic evolutionary system.


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