Education Through Trial And Error

Question: I made a huge mistake and I feel the worst person in the world. Does a big mistake make you a bad person?

Answer: We inevitable make mistakes as we are “clumsy”, we are born with an egoistic, subjective nature – which we had no free choice about since we received this set of qualities from evolution – thus we keep causing harm to others, to the surroundings and to ourselves as we inherently “do not fit” into the system.

This is all purposeful of course, since by recognizing our mistakes, by being confronted by their consequences we can learn, adjust, improve and refine ourselves.

Human development is a never ending educational process through trial and error. And although these trials and errors seem painful, when we consider the final purpose of this unique education – to become perfect Human beings that merit to be called the “crown of evolution” – them these inevitable “mistakes” will receive their own merit as they are all purposeful and without them we can’t reach the “happy ending”.

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