Changing Perception Through Connection

Question: What in the world needs to be changed but hasn’t?

Answer: While it is difficult to accept, imagine right now we actually exist in a perfect natural world. The only thing that is missing is the proper interconnections in between people.

Due to our inherently selfish, egoistic nature we distrust one another, we reject each other, we compete, succeed at the expense of others. This is why we see a broken, crisis ridden world since everything depends on the interconnections in a globally integrated and interdependent system we evolved into.

Through mutually responsible, mutually complementing relationships that are build above the instinctive separation first of all we can solve all our global problems (there are only global problems in a global world).

Moreover by learning to view the world through the eyes of others we can start to appreciate the perfection our inherently subjective, self-focused point of view concealed from us.

Thus the only thing that needs changing is how I relate to the world and others.

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