Beyond Death

Question: What is the purpose of death and life? Why aren’t we immortal?

Answer: The “time window” in between physical life and death is a unique opportunity to achieve immortality. At the moment we associate existence, a living consciousness with our physical bodies. This is due to our inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-justifying nature that keeps looking into itself, sunken into the physical body it considers its “being”.

But our actual “self”, the conscious observer is not bound to the physical body, it is not even bound to the separated, individualistic “self” we think we are, with or without the body. In truth we are all integrated parts of the whole, cosmic, universal organism, the only, single being “alive” in reality.

We can detach ourselves from this illusory, physical, individualistic existence (while still participating in it normally) in a unique Human environment, “laboratory” through mutual self-annulment towards one another. Then we can practically learn how to sense, experience life through the eyes, desires, fulfillment of others, and we rise to a consciousness, perception of reality that is above the subjective, “physical” constraints of time, space and motion, disconnected from the sensation of physical life or death.

This transition is available for all of us here and while, while we are still “existing” in our present biological bodies.

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