On The Brink Of Becoming Human

Question: Will this world ever feel humane again?

Answer: To be fair to our generation we have never actually felt “Humane”. Up to this point Humanity has been evolving blindly, we have existed based on the automatic fulfillment of our instinctive animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires.

This is why Human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles, repeating the same mistakes again and again, building one civilization on the ruins of the last one only to reach the same dead end again and again.

Only the desperate helplessness of our current generation – after corrupting even the “best looking” human construct built on democracy, liberalism, free market economy – opened up finally the question about “meaning of life”, forcing us to dig deeper and find the real culprit behind our crisis situations and suffering: our own inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature.

Thus it is from this point onwards that our truly “Humane” development start, when we received the need and chance to rise above the blind, instinctive, “humanoid” level and become Human, a creature that becomes detached, independent of its original, “evil” nature, controlling, ruling over the all powerful Human ego.

Thus our dark, hopeless, threatening present state is actually good, “crisis” means a chance for change, rebirth.

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