Who Am I?

Question: If you don’t know what you are, how can you expect others to know what you are?

Answer: None of us knows who we are, who the others are, since we are all locked inside our own introverted, subjective, self-serving cocoons, looking at a very distorted, false reality. Thus frankly we can’t expect anything from anybody.

On the other hand there are more and more people who already recognized this unsustainable state, since as a result of our subjective worldview, instinctive rejection, negative judgement of one another we are sleepwalking towards a complete, global disaster.

Thus the people who are ready for a change can enter, organize a unique environment, where through the right, authentic, practical method they can help each other to come out of their egoistic, subjective cocoons, and start recognizing each other and themselves for who they truly are.

The work in these special groups is based on mutual commitment in order to make it work, in order to reach an unprecedented mutual trust where the others gradually become more important than one’s own self. Only when they make this mutual commitment can they expect, demand anything from each other in the name of the mutual guarantee they “signed”.

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