Question: What do you do when you are “sad” in your heart but over all life is good?

Answer: That is already a very unique, “dualistic” state only few, unique, “learned” individuals can achieve.

Normally we exist according to a very simplistic, instinctive operating system, based on egocentric “pleasure/pain calculations”. Thus I am happy if my life is good, when I have everything, and I am sad when I feel pain, lack, dissatisfaction regarding my own state.

Thus an “original”, healthy, egoistic person can’t acknowledge that “life is good”, when the heart is sad, or the heart can’t be sad if life is good for the egoistic individual.

Such a paradoxical scenario is possible only when we consciously, methodically develop a unique duality through a specific, purposeful method, when we acquire a second, altruistic nature over our inherently egoistic one.

Through this second, opposite nature we can justify that “life is good” for others, we can honestly rejoice in the happiness, success of others even if our original ego remains empty, our original self-serving, self-justifying heart is sad.

Those unique people who developed this “supernatural” duality can perceive a completely different, qualitatively much higher reality within the contrast.

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