Keeping Secret

Question: If you could make anything in your life a secret, what would it be?

Answer: Interestingly I would not want to keep secrets from other people, but I would like to make my true intentions, true goal in life secret from my own ego. As I start to understand the purpose of our life is to reveal Nature’s overall plan of evolution and our own unique role in it.

But in order to do so we need to become similar to Nature’s most fundamental principle which is “altruism”, unconditionally serving, assisting the whole collective above and against selfish, individualistic calculations.

And this direction, intention is like “death” for our inherent ego, which then tries with all of its power to derail our efforts, to make our aspirations unsuccessful.

Thus I would like to keep my aim, intention hidden from my ego, at least for a short while, until I can create some sort of a “breathing space” in between this ruthless, unyielding ruler over us and the small spark that pulls Human beings towards their purpose in life.

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