Essential Love

Question: What’s the one thing you can not live without?

Answer: It is love.

And that is because “love” – beyond being a good feeling, a sense of connection to others, ability to care and being cared for – love is the single most important, governing natural force that creates and sustains life.

“True” love is a notion of existing through another (or others), sensing and unconditionally fulfilling their desires as if they were our own, without any egoistic, subjective distortions, calculations.

In “our lives” the only example for such absolute, true love is the connection in between the developing embryo and the mother through the womb. That is the level where no “conscious”, subjective, selfish desires, thoughts, calculations interfere.

This level of “true love” is freely, instinctively present in Nature. Animals even after leaving the womb sense the same “full, unconditional package of care” from Nature. But in us, Human beings the inherent Human ego disrupts “true love”.

We are born with “self-love” and unless we manage to gradually, purposefully, methodically build “love of others” above and despite this instinctive “self-love” we will never know and experience “true love” jeopardizing our survival.

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