Seeing The Light From Darkness

Question: What made you happy so far, in 2018?

Answer: It is an interesting, evolving duality that made me happy so far.

It seems that a huge number of people started to understand that in order to solve global problems, in order to become successful in a fully integrated and interdependent world, in order to find true happiness in mutual connections, we need to build unity, we have to create new type of positive relationships with one another.

On the other hand we started to understand that the main reason why we fall into crisis situations and we are unable to solve them, that the “enemy” that prevents us from building the above mentioned connections is the inherently selfish, subjective and hateful ego that works in all of us.

It is this duality and the ensuing desperation which will move us beyond the present “solutions”, this will pull us out of engraved and failed dogmas, ideologies, systems. As a result we will start a new, conscious development above and against the instinctive, egoistic nature, rising to a new, “truly Human” evolutionary degree.

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