Meaningful Life

Question: How will you define a meaningful life?

Answer: Without trying to mock the question, it is in the word “meaningful: in other words it is a life that has a meaning. So everything depends on how we define this “meaning”.

By default we usually define meaning through the instinctive animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires, in their certain, individual combinations.

But what if there is a certain, “actual, higher” meaning to our lives? More and more people start asking this question, either by not finding any more lasting fulfillment through the above mentioned desires, or by receiving a life changing blow from life.

So is there such a “higher meaning”, does it mean something that evolution “assigned us” to become Human above the instinctive animals? In order to find the answer we need a unique environment comprised of people who are chasing the same answers, and who start studying a purposeful, practical educational method that can give us the tools to find the right answers.

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