What Is Life?

Question: What is life, like what does it mean to live?

Answer: Life means sensing, fully tasting, understanding life, its flow, where it comes from and what its purpose is. This is beyond the usual instinctive, blind existence – based on automatically chasing and fulfilling animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires for day to day survival – and requires a methodical, purposeful development to the “truly Human” level of evolution.

The Human being is a conscious observer that gains such a full attainment, “inside knowledge” of the system of reality, that would make this Human being capable of giving, creating life “out of nothing”, bringing the Universe to life from its initial spark. Only one who learns how create life can understand what life, living truly means.

And we do this by silencing our egoistic, self-justifying mind, removing our contradictory thoughts – in the right, purposeful environment through a practical, authentic educational method -, and then let life to flow through us, educating us.

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