Questions About Meaning

Question: What activities cause you to feel like you are living life to the fullest?

Answer: Only the activities that lead to the revelation, attainment of our true “meaning in life”, finding our “truly Human” purpose, role in Nature’s vast, cosmic, fully integrated and interdependent system.

“Living life to the fullest” means to know what life is, where and how it starts, what the “initial thought” behind creating life is, and how we ourselves can learn, acquire the skills to create, sustain and nurture life by our own conscious actions, intentions.

Question: How do I live a meaningful life?

Answer: We have to search for and find life’s true meaning. This means rising above the usual, instinctive desires we are born with, or we acquired from the general society around us.

We have to follow the increasingly intolerable question about “meaning of life” and find the right, closed, mutually supportive purposeful environment, where by studying the purposeful, practical educational method we can reveal, attain Nature’s complete system with its evolutionary plan, finding and fulfilling our unique individual and collective Human “cogwheel role” in it.

This is when we merit the name, “Human being”, by becoming consciously, proactively integrated in, adapted to the system, taking over its benevolent management.

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