Happy Children

Question: Besides knowing they are loved, what else do kids need to know in order to feel happy, safe and confident?

Answer: You are right, the first step is for the kids to feel themselves in a loving, caring environment, where they constantly feel safe, knowing that whatever happens it happens for their own good. Kids have a unique “inborn” intelligence, they know exactly when they receive such a care.

Beyond that what they need is the right upbringing, the right education. We need to give them a complete picture of reality, helping them to understand – at their developmental level – how the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in works, how much it is interconnected and how the quality of those interconnections defines, determines the success, happiness of the whole system, including all the individuals living in it.

We have to teach them how to build the right, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections in between them, so they can build the perfect, positive environment for themselves. Only such a positive environment – that replaces the mother’s womb – can give them the sense of happiness, confidence in their lives.

Only such an environment can give them a worthy, Human purpose they can start to aspire for from a very early age, seeing their path opening up in front of them.

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