Describing Infinity

Question: How do you describe something that never ends?

Answer: We can try describing something that never ends, but we can’t comprehend such a notion, as our inherently egocentric, subjective mind is imprisoned into the coordinates of time, space and physical motion, because our egoistic, subjective mind can only exist, tolerate perception within those boundaries.

In order to comprehend and correctly describe “something that never ends” first we need to acquire a consciousness, perception of reality that goes beyond time, space and physical motion. For that we need to detach ourselves from our egoistic self, cutting all the anchors that tie us to our own “being”, egocentric calculations. Only then can we acquire an observer point that can enter and comprehend the “quantum reality” that surrounds us.

For this we need a unique “human particle accelerator”, where individual, egoistic human beings “collide” with each other with the aim to nullify their egoistic self, selfish thoughts, ideas, desires towards one another, until they mutually build a selfless, altruistic point of view, detector that is ready for the transparent, objective research, perception.

Then we will be able to describe something that is infinite and eternal as we will realistically, tangible feel it, taste it.

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