Nature’s Wisdom

Question: Why do we need to love and understand wisdom?

Answer: We can expand the question by asking: “What is Wisdom?”.

Knowledge is something we attain by pouring,recording data, information into our present minds, in order to become more clever, better prepared to do certain tasks, to help our success, prosperity in different activities in the world, to improve our conditions, etc. Learning, attaining knowledge is a natural, instinctive self-improvement, using the egocentric, introverted intelligence we are born with.

Wisdom is something that is “disconnected” from our selves. It is Nature’s infinite database, all the blueprints, the general, intelligent developmental plan Nature’s vast, cosmic system is built upon. We need to “love and understand” Wisdom, as by connecting to it, Nature’s absolute Wisdom can make us similar to the system we exist in, it connects us to that “primordial”, governing plan and its initial thought. This similarity with the system, the adhesion to the plan and its source makes us truly Human, as “Human” – Adam in Hebrew – means “similar” based on the root of the Hebrew word.

In order to love and understand Wisdom we need to give up, annul our original, instinctive self-love and self-serving knowledge, intelligence – through a unique Human environment by mutual self-annulment towards one another. Then to the cleaned and reformatted inner harddrive Nature will upload its Wisdom.

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