Insatiable Desire

Question: Does anyone actually feel completely satisfied with their life and wouldn’t change a thing?

Answer: In a good way I would say, “I hope there aren’t many people who are completely satisfied and wouldn’t change a thing”.

Although Hollywood movies, celebrity success stories try to suggest we can “make it” by reaching certain material milestones, the state of staying put, losing the motivation to move on, not wanting changes equals “death”, loss of movement, loss of life.

We are driven by an insatiable desire for increasing pleasures, what we are satisfied with today is not enough by tomorrow. If this constant urge stops, we are ready to pass away from this world.

Our purpose in life is to learn how to constantly increase the desire for pleasures infinitely, while never fully satisfying them keeping a constant need, hunger, so we can literally enter an infinite and eternal sense of existence.

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