The Need To Feel Needed

Question: Why do people think our life is so worthless that they take their own life?

Answer: While in most people it is not expressed consciously, we can exist without a positive purpose, expected pleasure pulling us forward.

When we don’t see such expected pleasures ahead, for a while we can “travel back in time” relying on nostalgia, reminiscing about the past, but it works only temporarily and works better for older people with weaker desires, needs, approaching the end of life.

Young people simply can’t survive, tolerate life without a worthy, Human goal, “bright future” enticing them to wake up each day. So we can imagine the vast damage we are causing by creating a “zero” Human society devoid of any such worthy, human values, purposes.

It is not surprising that young people escape to virtual reality, drugs or they become depressed and suicidal. We won’t be able to stop this epidemic – exponentially rising depression, suicide among the youth – unless we completely rebuild our societies on different, proper, positive, Human values, offering true goals pulling people forward.

And we are programmed in a way that “Human values/worthy goals” means finding out most optimal complementary role in society, when we feel useful, important, needed for the well-being of others.

Thus we need new upbringing, new education that is suitable for our present global, fully integrated evolutionary conditions. It will teach us how to find our fulfilling, complementary, unique, irreplaceable “cogwheel role” in the system.

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