Eternally Above Time

Question: If you had to chose between immortality or time travel which would you take?

Answer: I would choose both, as in order to achieve such extraordinary abilities we need to overcome only one, singular obstacle, our own inherent nature.

Both “being stuck” in the subjective coordinates of time, space, physical motion, and having to live with the sense of physical life and death is the result of our inherently self-centered, egoistic and introverted nature and perception of reality.

If we managed to rise above the limitations of this inherent nature and perception – by acquiring a selfless, transparent and objective point of view – we could shake of the constraints of time, space, and would acquire an infinite, eternal sense of existence.

And we can actually reach this unbelievable and unprecedented state here and now, through the right, purposeful and practical method, in the right “laboratory” conditions, by total, mutual self-annulment towards other people.

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