Living By “Informed Consent”

Question: Do you think it’s true that things are only as bad as you make them?

Answer: This question touches the core of such very important notions as “free will” and “perception of reality”.

As a result of our inherently selfish and egoistic nature we perceive reality in a completely introverted, subjective manner. We do not see the world, but we see our own reaction to it. Thus it is true that “things are only as bad, or good as we make them”.

Moreover we exist in a fully predetermined, closed Natural system that is governed, developed by a relentless, unchanging plan of evolution. This plan drives the system, including ourselves towards a most optimal, final state regardless of our consent.

As long as we remain trapped within our inherently subjective, self-serving worldview we will sense, experience the changes we go through as unpleasant, painful, constantly trying to resist and try going “our way”. As we stubbornly try to develop according to our own, limited and introverted mind and logic we see a dark, suffering filled world.

But if we study and understand the plan of development, what it expects from us, and we willingly consent to that role and proactively adapt ourselves to it, we start to see a very different, perfect world around us.

Our free choice is only about this “educated, informed consent”.

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