Caring For Others Above Nature

Question: What is something you have that you never thought you would?

Answer: An honest concern for others, which concern is sometimes greater than my instinctive self-concern.

I mean we all have a romantic idea that we feel for others, we want to care for others, and after all I am a doctor so even through my work I am seemingly caring for other people…

But when we truly start researching our own nature, when we purposefully, methodically place ourselves into unique “laboratory” conditions to “diagnose” who we are what desires, intentions truly drive us, that is when we start seeing in a “brutal mirror” how much we are incapable of truly thinking about others above self-interest. Only then do we realize that even when we seemingly “love” others, “serve”, “care for” others we really only love, serve and care for ourselves.

But then in the same laboratory – if we truly want it – we start receiving a special “treatment”, an educational method that can help us “grow” a true, selfless, unconditional concern, affection towards others. When this new sensation start flickering, waking up in us it comes as an astonishing surprise, when we feel without any doubts that this sensation, ability was not inherently in us.

It comes in contrast to our instinctive self-concern, self-love, self-protection and instinctive criticism, rejection of others. This new ability to care for others, to love them above, despite self-interest feels like a new birth, a new life.

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