Learning To Balance Inner Duality

Question: What is something you tried to but could not understand?

Answer: I could never understand how it is possible that we all talk about love, acceptance, we all “worship” notions like ones expressed in Lennon’s “Imagine”, Armstrong’s “Wonderful world”, we all admire people like Gandhi for example, but when it comes to our lives in practice, we all behave in the opposite manner, loving only ourselves while exploiting, using everybody else for our own profit, benefit, plunging into wars, arguments, hateful debates, destroying everything and everybody around us.

It is like we have a deep, innate need for “true love” inside, but in practice we simply cannot awaken it, use it, give it and receive it. In practice separation, hatred rules everywhere.

This “Pharaoh” – this hateful, egoistic ruler in us – is so strong, that even when we fully understand that without “true love” – selfless, unconditional mutual service of one another, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation – we won’t be able to survive in a globally integrated and totally interdependent natural system, we can’t change our instinctive reactions and trust, accept one another.

There must be some very unique split, dissociation, dual personality inside us, this insatiable, primordial yearning for love and the inability to acquire it, which consumes us, that does not let us to become happy, content in life.

How could we fully understand what is happening inside each and every Human being? How can we find a way to mend this “Jekyll and Hyde” inner war to help us survive collectively and rise to a qualitatively higher level of existence by using the two reins we received from evolution?!

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