Constant Renewal

Question: In what moment did you realize your life would never be the same?

Answer: I know that I am supposed to pick, remember one particular moment, but honestly I can’t. I can’t because every moment is like that.

When we start – just a little – rising above the day to day “rat-race”, in order to get closer to the true meaning of life, finding what makes us Human, how we could rightfully become “crowns of creation”, we enter a unique whirlpool that renews everything at each and every moment.

When a door opens a new, larger door is found behind, when a peak is conquered a larger even more attractive peak appears from the clouds. And even if we felt there is no way we can do more, progress further, somehow new energy, capability appears and we move on, climbing higher, entering deeper.

It is because we are changing from inside, and as we are changing, the world we perceive changes with us. After all the world is “mine”, I paint, project it by my own inner qualities, like constantly changing the filters on the movie projector.

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