Happiness In Advance

Question: Should you wait until you accomplish a goal to be happy?

Answer: Interesting question. Personally I do not think we can “delay” or “schedule” happiness. Happiness is a result, a consequence of fulfilling our desires, when we reach something we really want. Thus happiness is like a spring that bursts forth when we remove the blockage by accomplishing something. Thus happiness arrives at the accomplishment of our goals.

That does not mean we can’t feel excitement, a preliminary good feeling by starting the work towards the goal, we can already “taste”, enjoy that future happiness in advance if we have the confidence that the goal is near, that we have all the tools and capability to accomplish it.

This “loaned” happiness even before reaching the goal depends on our environment, which provides our goals and the tools, support and inspiration for reaching them. In the right, mutually complementing, purposeful environment we feel happy even during the path leading to the goal and also at its conclusion.

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