A Real, Tangible Spiritual Experience

Question: Are people who recount spiritual experiences for real or are they just deluding themselves?

Answer: It depends on what we consider spirituality. “Spiritual” means “not corporeal”, more precisely it means above, beyond our inherently selfish, egoistic nature that defines our “corporeality”.

For this reason a “true” spiritual experience is very sharp, without any doubts, it is like any other scientific revelation, conclusion thanks to a unique dual perception reached.

On one hand we remain with our present, completely egoistic, subjective perception that distorts everything towards its own favour, painting the picture of “this world”.

On the other hand we develop, start perceiving a contrasting, opposite picture that is above, against the egoistic, subjective one, perceived through absolutely selfless, altruistic intentions. Only an observer that is completely liberated from, elevated above the ego’s reach can perceive reality objectively, without the subjective limitations of time, space.

A true spiritual experience is the result of this dual perception, sensing a perfect reality against, in contrast to the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic one. Thus the recognition, full experience of the ego – without suppressing, deleting it – is a basic condition of spiritual perception. Without the sharp contrast against the resisting ego we remain in an illusion.

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