Invited To Find A New Purpose

Question: Do you believe that your life has been a happy one? When you think of all the bad things, the good outweighs the bad significantly?

Answer: No, honestly I cannot make that judgement, conclusion today. Since we perceive reality in a totally selfish, egoistic, subjective manner the pain and suffering we endure leaves much sharper, heavier imprints in us than the “happy moments”.

It is even more so today when the happy moments are very few and far in between, as the instinctive animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power, knowledge) desires and their fulfillment offer less and less satisfaction.

It is as if “evolution” tried to invite us towards a higher consciousness, forcing us through our presently intolerable, empty state to search for different fulfilments, different goals.

We are destined to become the “crown of evolution” fully mapping, attaining Nature’s vast, perfect system and its predetermined evolutionary plan. This is why this intelligent plan is today “taking away” the “minute, lowly” pleasures, satisfactions from our instinctive desires so we would have no other option but to start searching in new directions.

Only when we fully understood the system, with all of its cause and effect processes will we realize that even the “negative”, “bad” things, events, states we went through were necessary, purposeful and good ones, guiding, pulling and pushing us towards our Human purpose where we will find true, infinite happiness and satisfaction.

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