Desired Outcome

Question: What do you need to live the kind of life you desire?

Answer: In order to live a life we desire we need to learn what and how to desire.

We exist in an absolutely perfect, “benevolent” Natural system that is full of abundance and it contains the blueprints, solutions for everything conceivable.

But at the moment we, our goals, our desires are incompatible with the system and its way of “providing what it has”. We want everything only for our own pleasure, for our own profit, exploiting, outsmarting even our own species not to mention the rest of the system.

The Natural system is built on and works on “mutual guarantee”, an absolutely altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing collaboration of all its part, ecah making calculations only for the benefit of the whole, above any self-interest.

If we want to live a life where we receive everything we desire, we have to change our “operating software”, to make us adapted, compatible with nature’s perfect system. If we integrate with each other above our inherent nature, and thus integrate Humanity into Nature we will raise ourselves to a qualitatively higher, effortless existence.

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