Bad People

Question: Do bad people really exist?

Answer: I am sorry to disclose “shocking news”, but by default only “bad people” exist.

I mean by evolution all Human beings are born with an inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature. And most of us, for most of our lives are not even aware of this fact, we honestly believe we are “good people”, there is “something good in all of us”, that we are capable of loving, supporting, giving to others, etc.

And I do not want to convince anybody regarding this, I simply state what the most comprehensive science in the world explains about the inherent Human nature. If there are people who still believe there is “good in Humans” and want to try finding, using this good, please ignore what I have written and continue searching for solutions, applications of the “good” in us.

On the other hand today as we are inching closer to a mutually guaranteed self-destruction more and more people started to reveal, accept that it is indeed our own inherently egoistic, subjective nature that stands behind our global problems, this is why our repeated attempts to “heal the world” through political, economic, social or even military means keep failing.

Today more and more people accepts that the harmful ego is not only in certain people, group of people, it is not restricted to certain cultures, religions, social layers, casts, but this nature drives all of us.

This global “revelation of evil” – of course the ego is neither evil nor sinful since we had no free choice about the nature evolution “created us” with – is already part of the healing. The moment we accept the proper, honest diagnosis we can start to find and apply the real remedy instead of the stubbornly repeated, constantly failing previous and present “solutions”.

And changing, upgrading Human nature is possible only through the right, purposeful and practical educational method, that is capable of correcting is through positive motivation, inviting people to join the process willingly, by their own volition.

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