Helping The World, By Knowing Ourselves

Question: What is one thing that would help the world right now?

Answer: What could help the world right now is first of all the recognition that the “evil”, selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature we readily recognize in others is driving all of us.

The selfish ego is our matter, “marrow” and by default we simply cannot make any other calculations but the calculations of benefiting ourselves – most of the time at the expense of others.

Our “hunger” to use our inherent ego is different, and this difference renders Humanity along a “pyramid model”. Nevertheless even at the bottom of the pyramid we are the same egoists and if we received the chance to climb onto the top of the pyramid we would behave exactly the same as the people who are sitting there right now.

There are multiple examples of people who – after being promoted to higher positions, above others – start behaving exactly like the bosses they hated before. The “Stanford Experiment” is one of the most striking examples on how anybody could be turned into a ruthless concentration camp guard through the “right conditions”, giving one power over others.

The moment we came to this “recognition of evil”, receiving the honest diagnosis, accepting it, everything would become easy. Then all we need is a “remedy” to help us cover our inherent nature with a new, upgraded software, which can facilitate people uniting, building mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling connections above and despite that remaining differences, the constantly simmering distrust, mutual rejection.

And the most important part of the “remedy” is a brand new, purposeful and practical educational process, that can explain us our inherent nature and how we can cope with it, use it with the new, upgraded “software”.

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